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Concerts on the great organ of the Warsaw Cathedral are performed by professional, experienced artists, virtuosos from many countries all over the world. Warsaw Old Town, ul. Świętojańska 8

Our cycles:
In 1987, the Warsaw Cathedral was equipped with a large concert organ. The famous instrument has 4301 pipes, three keyboards for playing with the hands and one keyboard for playing with the feet. The largest organ pipe weighs about 100 kg. The sound of the organ is orchestral, fruity and individual. Enjoy our emotional and captivating concerts.
The Warsaw Cathedral ranks as one of the most important sites of Poland’s national culture and traditions. Its origins date back to the 14th century. It is a unique monument, perfectly restored and finished. Here you can listen to music, while being surrounded by the beauty of art, architecture and history.
Concert listeners visit the Cathedral underground, where among others the following prominent figures rest:  Stanisław August Poniatowski – King of Poland, Gabriel Narutowicz – President of the Republic of Poland, Ignacy Mościcki – President of the Republic of Poland, Ignacy Jan Paderewski – Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, composer and pianist, Henryk Sienkiewicz – writer, Nobel Prize winner.