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Every day (except Sundays and holidays), the Warsaw Cathedral hosts organ concerts combined with the church underground tours. 

Live concert on the Great Organ of the Cathedral Basilica (duration approx. 30 minutes)

performed by outstanding Polish organists: Przemysław Kapituła, Andrzej Sochocki and Kamil Steć. During each concert you can hear the most famous organ works, among them: compositions by Frederic Chopin – a great Warsaw composer, and a piece by Mieczysław Surzyński – the legendary organist of the Warsaw Cathedral, known within this lifetime as the “Polish Bach”. The Cathedral organ was built in 1987. Featuring 4301 pipes, it is huge, famous and magnificent. That’s why it’s worth listening.

After the concert:

Tour in the cathedral's underground and crypt

The underground as well as the entire Cathedral are remarkable. Visit them and delve into Polish history. The following prominent figures rest there:
– Mazovian princes of the Piast dynasty,
– Warsaw archbishops,
– King Stanislaw August Poniatowski,
– President of the Republic of Poland Gabriel Narutowicz,
– President of the Republic of Poland Ignacy Mościcki,
– President of the Republic of Poland Stanisław Wojciechowski,
– General Kazimierz Sosnkowski,
– musician and Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Ignacy Jan Paderewski,
– writer and Nobel Prize winner Henryk Sienkiewicz. 

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

ranks as one of the most important sites of Poland's national culture and traditions. Within its walls Father Piotr Skarga preached, Wladyslaw IV Vasa swore his pacta conventa, weddings, coronations of 2 Polish rulers, funerals of many personalities took place here and the May 3 Constitution was sworn in. To this day, important national ceremonies are held there. This is where the prominent composer, improviser and organist Mieczysław Surzyński worked and created his works in the early 20th century. The basilica was equipped in 1987 with a magnificent, first-class Grand Concert Organ. The 60-voices instrument was built by the German company Eule.

(directly before the concert)
35 PLN – adult
25 PLN – children
80 PLN – families (2 adults + children)
25 PLN – person in a group (from 10 persons)

Duration of the concert and the underground tour

35 minutes (concert) + 15 minutes (underground tour)


every day from April 26 to September 30, 2024 (except Sundays and holidays) at 12:00

Canceled concerts

the concerts on the following days will not take place:

  • on Sundays
  • May – 3, 4, 24, 25, 29, 30
  • June – 8, 15
  • August – 15


Our Artists
Przemysław Kapituła
Andrzej Sochocki

Kamil Steć